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2020 MTFCA National Tour

T's on Tour in the Inland Empire

July 18 - July 23

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If you have information that you would like posted or have any questions, CLICK HERE to contact us.

     See the Calendar of Events page for more information about our other upcoming events...

     Our next regular club meeting will be on Friday, February 7.  Does someone have an idea for an indoor
     activity so that we can have a "tour" in February?  Breakfast? Lunch?

     The next planning meeting for the 2020 National Tour will be on Monday, February 24th 20th at 6:30 p.m.
     in Charley and Rose Hodges' Shop.  Please come to share your ideas and volunteer some time.

     It's a little snowy for touring right 
     now, but before you know it...

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