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     Here's what new as of Wednesday, October 17th:
     Tour season seems to be winding down, but the weather is still great!  If you have an idea for a tour,
     contact Tour Chairman Mark Hutchinson and we'll get the word out!

     If you have been checking boxes off your sheet to earn jacket, your time is almost up!  If you would
     like a jacket but can't complete your sheet, just put on a short fall tour and the jacket is yours!
       Click Here to get your copy of the T Activity Sheet and earn a free Model T Club Jacket!

     The first planning meeting for the July Rotational Tour is on Sunday, October 21st at 4 p.m. at the
     Hutchinsons' house.  We need your ideas to make this a great tour!

     One other new event on our Calendar:  the benefit Breakfast with Santa on December 9th

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