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Please submit info about items for sale to  Items will be posted on  the For Sale page for 3 months.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like an item that has been removed re-posted.

         Posted 7/4/2019
For Sale:

1923 Model T Touring asking $8500, Spokane area, Contact Dennis Whisman <>
Posted 6/10/2019

For Sale:

1923 Model T Runabout. Nice complete car ready to drive. $4,900. 

1917 Model T Touring. Needs rear-end re-assembled and installed, needs motor hooked back up. $4,900. Has all parts.

Or both cars for $9,500. Body & upholstery on both in presentable condition, decent paint and upholstery. No major dents or rust. Garaged. These were my Father's cars and he died before he could complete the touring. Contact Tim Broderius, 206-877-2469. Veradale, WA. Have photos.
Posted 5/25/2019

     FOR SALE:

     Model T frame, rear end, front end and pan. I also have some sort of rims and the front wheels and axle that say Essex Motors.

     Please contact if interested. Spokane, WA. I am not sure what year or the value - make reasonable offer.

      Posted 5/25/2019

   The following car was Gary Jurgensen's and are being offered for sale by his wife, Linda:
         Posted 5/21/2019

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